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Let foreign students work in the UK for two years after graduation : Jo Johnson,former universities minister proposed

 April 26, 2019  

London : The debate to re-introduce the post-study work visa provision to the foreign students in the United Kingdom has been surfaced again around the concerned stakeholders. According to The Times, Former universities minister Jo Johnson has attracted significant cross-party support for his bid to force the UK government to reintroduce two-year post-study work visas – suggesting that it has a strong chance of success.

Overseas students would be able to work for two years after graduation under a proposed amendment to the immigration bill.  The amendment will be tabled today by Jo Johnson, the former universities minister, and Paul Blomfield, a Labour MP and co-chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on international students.

Students were allowed to work for two years after graduation until 2012 and the restoration of the post-study work period would align the UK more closely with competitor countries such as Australia and the US.

Mr Johnson said that the change on post-study work would make little difference to the overall immigration numbers long-term because it was a net figure calculated from the number of students arriving and leaving each year. Even if graduates choose to stay and work for two years, research suggests that the overwhelming majority return home. Any growth in the number would also be partly offset by reductions in immigration elsewhere, for example the work route or family route, Mr Johnson said.

The amendment to the immigration bill, which also seeks to bar any future government from capping overseas student numbers without parliamentary approval, was proposed on 26 April by Mr Johnson and Paul Blomfield, the Labour MP who is co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for International Students.

Mr. Johnson has explained his proposal further publishing his views on the times ( click Britain needs more overseas students.

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Similarly, Mr. Johnson has expressed his happiness on the support from the cross-party MPs through his official twit :