Sheffield staff and students make friends with these elephants in Nepal

Fifty staff and students from Birkdale School have visited Nepal for their 19th annual trip to the country, Sheffieldtelegraph writes.

They spent three weeks teaching in their partner school, trekking around the country and making new friends, including these elephants.

Birkdale’s partnership with Nepal began in 2000, with staff and students  supporting poor families in the Kathmandu Valley to give children a better start in life.

Staff, pupils and friends of the Sheffield school have, over the two decades, built and developed a thriving and successful school in the village of Kokhana called the Peace Garden English School, which now has nearly 300 pupils.

This year, the team delivered 17 different classes at the Peace Garden School and two others in the area.

Birkdale teacher Mrs Frost said: “The lessons had English speaking at their core and used many creative ideas to explore and extend the use of the language.

“The children in all three schools we visited were happy and excited to see us with anticipation being high for the lessons, activities and games our pupils had prepared for them.

Our Birkdale teaching pairs and Nepalese pupils had a rewarding and successful experience working together in their lessons.

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