WORLD WAR II By Sunniva Sharma – South Asia Time

WORLD WAR II By Sunniva Sharma

 December 4, 2019  

When he asked me this, all of my memories before living here came flying

back. Now I am going to tell you all about it.

It was a dark, gloomy night. I was reading my book but then I heard a loud

BANG… I checked out of my window and saw so many JEWS. I knew that

because they were wearing the star of David. There were Nazi soldiers too. I

called my dad and asked him why there were so many people? Out of nowhere

he screamed "HIDE!". I was getting worried. We heard the door open,there

Writer: Sunniva Sharma

were soldiers.

They checked the whole house until they found us. I quickly

grabbed my things (my teddy and the only small picture of my whole family

before my mum died). They dragged us out. It was like we were getting kicked

out of OUR house! We waited in the line. I wondered why they were doing this

to us.



We followed the soldiers. They took us to a dirty, dilapidated carriage. It was

for cattle. How could they treat us like animals we never did anything to them!

The carriage was so dusty, I couldn’t even breathe properly. I suddenly felt sick

and it was because of the revolting smell. I heard someone crying. It was a little

girl, she looked cold so I gave my coat to her. I started to feel cold but at least

she didn’t. I was tired so I tried to sleep but I couldn’t because it was so

cramped and it made me feel uncomfortable so I just sat there until we arrived.


The journey felt like it would never end.


Finally, we arrived, my legs were aching because of how long we were in the

carriage. I filled with joy until I saw where we were going to live. WE WERE

GOING TO LIVE IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP!!! I hated this. they told us to

wear these filthy,unwashed clothes. Soon,we had to shave our heads! They

even took away our names and made it into numbers. To remember our

numbers, they had to burn them on us or tattoo them. I was horrified by what

they were doing to us.


This is all Hitler’s fault, if he didn’t make those terrifying

posters about us and hated us, this would have never happend! Later, they

even seized our belongings so it was no point bringing anything because we

were going to lose it anyway. We went in groups and didn’t even get to choose

them (I wasn’t even in the same group as my dad). And even worse we were

going to sleep in huts on wooden shelves with hundreds of strangers. This was

only the beginning, what else are they going to do to us.

In the morning, they played loud, disturbing music to wake us up. I didn’t need

it as I didn’t even have a bit of sleep. Then, we had to clean up from morning

until night. For food, we could only eat bitter, black bread and vegetable soup.

That was going to be my life.


Sunniva studies at Ravensthorpe primary school and lives in Lincolnshire .