5 South Asian countries hold top 10 position, Nepal ranks 18th in ICC ODI

London – Five among total 8 of South Asian nations hold the top 10 ranking of ICC ODI Men’s cricket ranking. Among them India holds 2nd, Pakistan 6th, Bangladesh 7th, Sri Lanka 8th and Afghanistan 10th ranking.

This shows the popularity of cricket in South Asian region.

Similarly , Nepal continues to hold its 18th place in the latest International Cricket Council (ICC)’s one day international (ODI) rankings as It has been assigned a rating of 19 with 152 points in the new ranking chart.

Photo Courtesy: ICC

Earlier in  the last month’s ranking, it slid to 18th from the 17th position.

The United Arab Emirates and Papua New Guinea follow Nepal remaining in the 19th and 20th positions respectively.

England holds the topmost position with an assigned rating of 125 with 6,745 points, while India, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa respectively follow England in the ranking chart.

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