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 June 21, 2020  

By Chelsea Gurung

We are not a virus

We are not a threat

We are not terrorists

The colour of your skin is your identity, discriminating the colour of your brothers and sisters is not only taking away their pride but taking away their identity. The colour of your skin contrasts how beautiful in and out you are, and nobody should ashamed especially of their own race and the disgusting stereotypes being made towards all races are unacceptable. Asians do not have Corona, Black people are not threats, Muslims are not terrorists.


Racial slurs such as the N word or the C word are used recklessly constantly. Those words had so much impact during the 20th century back when White people were privileged, back when slavery was a business; those words were used to torment and dehumanise coloured people and the fact that people in the modern day use it despite knowing the dark history behind it just worries me on what our future generation will look like.


The death of George Floyd, the unarmed Black man who was heartlessly murdered by a police officer, has finally moved everyone to begin to make a change in society by protesting, donating and signing petitions.


As a person in the youth generation I have a wish that one day all the injustice being put towards coloured people is gone and that we people of different races can all be equal and that  justice will be made towards those who are being tortured physically simply due to their ethnicity. I ask you as my elders to do your part by helping to demolish racism completely and serve justice to those  who are being accused or are in danger because of their racial background; you can help by signing petitions, donating money or by raising awareness with the platform you have. Just doing this much will make a difference. Together we are stronger.


Love yourself for who you are. Your skin colour is what makes you beautiful. Be proud of your ethnicity and never be afraid to show everyone who you really are.


 Chelsea is a 13-year-old student.