British Asian community leaders congratulate the UK PM Sunak – South Asia Time

British Asian community leaders congratulate the UK PM Sunak

 October 26, 2022  

London – Members and the leaders of the British Asian community in the UK have congratulated the newly appointed PM Rishi Sunak. The 42-year young PM was born in the UK in a British Asian family who migrated from Kenya.

Many Ex-Gurkha organizations and British Asian community organizations including the British Asian Trust have congratulated the youngest nonwhite Hindu PM  from the BAME community.

President of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Kul Acharya, has congratulated Mr Rishi Sunak, MP, on being appointed the 57th Prime Minister of the United Kingdon.

In a message posted on social media, Mr Acharya said, “All the best wishes to Rishi to bring the British economy back on track. We also hope that he would  become the first British Prime Minister to visit Nepal in over 200 years and find a lasting solution to the long-running grievances of the Gurkha veterans.”

Similarly, A well-known Nepali philanthropist and businessman based in London, Rabindra Jung Lamichhane (Ravi), has congratulated the newly appointed Prime Minister Sunak and extended his best wishes. “Huge Congratulations!@RishiSunak on becoming the PM of the UK during such challenging times. We are confident with your leadership, you will bring stability soon. You have created a history for our children & the next generation. We are proud of you and we wish you success,” he tweeted along with his pic with the 42-year-old Prime Minister.

King Charles III appointed Mr. Sunak – the first Hindu and the first British Asian- as the British Prime Minister a day after he was elected leader of the ruling Conservative Party. He was unanimously elected as leader of the ruling party after Liz Truss resigned from the post of party leader and Prime Minister after remaining in office just for 44 days.