Renowned Heart Specialist Dr. Bhagawan Koirala Receives Warm Welcome at UK’s House of Commons for Child Hospital Project in Nepal – South Asia Time

Renowned Heart Specialist Dr. Bhagawan Koirala Receives Warm Welcome at UK’s House of Commons for Child Hospital Project in Nepal

 July 4, 2023  

Jagan Karki, London — In a special event, Professor Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, a senior heart specialist and esteemed professor, was warmly welcomed by the House of Commons at the Westminster, United Kingdom. Dr. Koirala, known for his dedication to improving child health in Nepal, was urged to lend his expertise and support to the Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH) in their mission to establish specialized children’s hospitals across all seven provinces of Nepal.

Arriving in Britain on Monday afternoon, Dr. Koirala was granted the opportunity to address a distinguished gathering at the Speaker’s House in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The event served as a platform to raise awareness about the urgent need for child healthcare services throughout Nepal and garner support for the construction of the children’s hospital project.

As part of their fundraising efforts, a charity dinner has been scheduled at the Empire Building in Aldershot on Saturday, July 8th. Dr. Koirala will be present at the event, which aims to generate financial contributions for the establishment of the children’s hospitals. Ojesh Singh, the coordinator of KIOCH Sahayok Samiti UK, confirmed that the funds raised from the charity dinner would be allocated to support the construction of the hospitals.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Koirala acknowledged the significant progress made in child health services in Nepal over the past two decades. However, he emphasized that such services are currently concentrated mainly in the capital, Kathmandu. In order to save the lives of children and provide quality healthcare services across the country, Dr. Koirala initiated this campaign alongside his associates.

Dr. Koirala revealed that the construction of a children’s hospital in Damak, located in the Purvanchal province, has already commenced. Additionally, efforts are underway to establish a fully equipped children’s hospital in Hepali Height, Kathmandu, accessible to all Nepalis. Furthermore, talks are ongoing regarding the construction of children’s hospitals in the remaining provinces. Dr. Koirala stressed that the government alone cannot accomplish this ambitious project due to its other priorities, urging the Nepali diaspora in Britain to open their hearts and support this noble cause. He assured the public that every penny contributed would be accounted for and made transparent to ensure the proper utilization of funds. ( Video )

In tandem with Dr. Koirala’s efforts, Professor Satyen Rajbhandari, the founder of Health Exchange Nepal, a registered welfare organization in the UK, also expressed the need for collaborative action to make healthcare services accessible to all Nepalis. He called upon individuals to support the children’s hospital construction campaign spearheaded by Dr. Koirala and his associates by visiting the provided link.

With the combined efforts of Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, Professor Satyen Rajbhandari, and numerous dedicated individuals, the vision of establishing specialized children’s hospitals across all seven provinces of Nepal is gaining momentum. The campaign seeks to provide comprehensive healthcare services to children in need and ultimately improve the overall well-being of the nation’s youngest population.