Nepal-UK business prospects discussed in Plymouth  – South Asia Time

Nepal-UK business prospects discussed in Plymouth 

 November 14, 2023  

Plymouth, England – The Britain-Nepal Chamber of Commerce (BNCC) brought together business leaders and entrepreneurs in the region at the “South West England-Nepal Business Growth Summit”, fostering a dynamic environment for dialogue and collaboration to promote trade relations between the two nations.

Biraj Bhatta, Vice Chairman of the BNCC, outlined the chamber’s strategic priorities and provided a retrospective view of past events to promote the UK-Nepal trade relations. He invited the attendees to explore new membership opportunities aimed at strengthening the network within the business community in the South West England. “The BNCC is a growing platform for professionals to gain insights from seasoned industry leaders who have successfully navigated the complexities of business. It’s a unique opportunity to absorb knowledge, strategies, and firsthand experiences that can be transformative for your business journey,” stressed Mr Bhatta.

Anjani Phuyal, a BNCC Executive Member and the CEO of Genese Solution, a UK-based value IT company, opened the summit with a presentation on the current investment climate in the UK and Nepal. Sharing his membership journey with the BNCC, he highlighted several benefits his engagement with the Chamber has generated so far in the form of knowledge-sharing and networking with fellow entrepreneurs, resulting in sustainable business relationships. “This summit is a prime opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals to explore and initiate collaborations that can drive promising growth for your business,” he said. His discourse also included valuable information on the trade and investment facts between the UK and Nepal.

Dipak Dhakal, President of the South-West Nepalese Society, shared his entrepreneurial journey in the real estate industry in the UK that he started three decades ago. “Forging valuable partnerships is the key to propel your business to new heights”, he remarked. His personal narrative added a human touch to the event, inspiring and resonating with aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience. 

Contributing to the broader discourse on business growth and sustainability, Kamal Paudel, Managing Director of IME London, and Prabhu Neupane, Director of Varang Recruitment Solutions, offered diverse perspectives on how their respective businesses have leveraged from the networking opportunities since their involvement in the Britain-Nepal Chamber of Commerce.

The interactive panel discussion, moderated by Anjani Phuyal, was the main highlight of the summit, as it explored crucial aspects of various lines of business. Dipak Dhakal shared insights into opportunities and challenges in the property management and housing industry, while Biraj Bhatta’s visionary perspective shed light on the future of travel and tourism businesses between the UK and Nepal. Similarly, BNCC President Dr. Kapil Rijal’s experiences from the dentistry industry’s current scenario and outlook in the UK and Nepal captivated the audience’s attention. Rajaram Dallakoti discussed the prevailing market dynamics in retail businesses and his strategies to stay competitive in the industry. The thought-provoking panel discussion provided a deep dive into the core of business landscapes, providing attendees with diverse perspectives to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurial challenges, identify growth opportunities, and envision future trends in several industries.

Dr. Kapil Rijal, Chairman of BNCC, concluded the summit, expressing gratitude to the participants and emphasising the importance of collaborative platforms like these in shaping the future of business interactions. “The BNCC remains steadfast in its dedication to creating opportunities for growth, collaboration, and knowledge exchange within the business community. It serves as a catalyst for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive on a global stage. Today, the South West England-Nepal Business Growth Summit achieved its goals by fostering meaningful discussions and connections to that end,” said Dr. Rijal. “The event’s success was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Genese Solution, Travel Console, IME London, and Hotel Moorland,” he added.

The BNCC ( is a non-profit membership organisation providing information and assistance on matters relating to bilateral trade between Britain and Nepal. BNCC works in liaison with government and non-government organisations based in the UK and Nepal and is committed to connecting its members and partners with people, ideas and resources to boost their organisational, professional and personal success.