Third Bilateral Committee Meeting Addresses ex-Gurkha’s Demands at British Ministry of Defence – South Asia Time

Third Bilateral Committee Meeting Addresses ex-Gurkha’s Demands at British Ministry of Defence

 November 23, 2023  

London – The third meeting of the bilateral committee formed to address the demands of ex- Gurkha soldiers took place on Wednesday at the British Ministry of Defence. Dr Andrew Murrison, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence, led the British delegation while Ambassador of Nepal to the UK, Gyan Chandra Acharya, led the Nepali side. The meeting focused on the progress made in addressing pension and welfare facilities for the Gurkha community.

During the discussions, Ambassador Acharya highlighted the historical ties between Nepal and the United Kingdom and urged for a long-term solution to the issues concerning Gurkhas, emphasizing its pivotal role in the bilateral relationship. Mr. Ganesh Prasad Dhakal, head of the Europe and America Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, echoed the need for expeditiously meeting the demands of Gurkha veterans. He conveyed a message from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Narayan Prakash Saud, expressing the Government of Nepal’s stance on the matter.

The meeting saw the participation of key figures, including Mrs. Roshan Khanal, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Nepali Embassy, Brigadier General Ratna Bahadur Godar, Military Attache at the Nepali Embassy, London, and representatives from the ex-Gurkha community including Dharma Bahadur Tamang and Krishna Bahadur Rai. Officials from both the Ministry of Defense and the British Government were also present.

The discussions delved into the technical aspects of addressing the Gurkhas’ demands, marking a step forward in finding comprehensive solutions. As the dialogue continues, both nations aim to strengthen their commitment to the well-being of the Gurkha community, reflecting the enduring bond between Nepal and the United Kingdom.

British Minister Dr Murrison appreciated the historic role played by Gurkha soliders and said the British government was committed to address their concerns in view of excellent relations between the two countries.