UN Secretary-General Signals Readiness to Strengthen Collaboration with SAARC – South Asia Time

UN Secretary-General Signals Readiness to Strengthen Collaboration with SAARC

 April 10, 2024  

Kathmandu — During the meeting, Secretary-General Guterres underscored the UN’s eagerness to bolster ties with SAARC, a regional organization representing a significant portion of the global population. SAARC, an Observer Organization of the UN since 2004, has consistently received support from the UN, according to sources from the SAARC Secretariat.

Discussions primarily revolved around reinforcing relations between SAARC and the UN across various domains of mutual interest, particularly focusing on climate change, food security, and renewable energy collaborations. AmbassadorSarwar highlighted the importance of updating existing Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between SAARC and various UN agencies to align with current contexts.

Proposing a joint meeting between the SAARC Secretariat and UN agencies in Kathmandu, Ambassador Sarwar aimed to facilitate brainstorming sessions for identifying future areas of collaboration. Secretary-General Guterres welcomed this proposal, emphasizing the need for heightened cooperation between SAARC and the UN.

In efforts to bolster the effectiveness and sustainability of the SAARC Secretariat, Ambassador Sarwar explored avenues for capacity-building opportunities for SAARC officials. Secretary-General Guterres assured continued UN support and assistance to SAARC, emphasizing the importance of working closely to further enhance ties between the two entities in the forthcoming years.

This initiative signals a promising step towards fostering stronger collaboration between SAARC and the UN, paving the way for impactful partnerships in addressing regional and global challenges.