A 23-year-old Nepali youth died In a gang fight in Australia

SYDNEY: A 23-year-old Nepali youth died when two groups of Nepalis in Australia came to physical assault against each other in a pub in Herge Bill.

A row that started at a pub at Herge Bill while drinking liquor there turned into a physical assault against each other in a while, Khabarhub writes.

Two groups of youths in three went aggressive against each-other while drinking in the pub. When the row mounted further, they took to chasing each other. Two of them had fallen down the wall while running away.

“One of them admitted in Saint George Hospital died on Tuesday while undergoing treatment,” Nanda Gurung, the spokesperson of NRN Australia said confirming the news.

Australian Police has arrested four persons involved in the incident. All four arrested for further investigation are Nepalis.

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