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Countries of South Asia and their feature

 June 1, 2018  

Muslim nation from the Bengal region and home of beautiful mangroves. Famous for its rivers. Bangladesh is a country where rivers are highway!
the last Shangri-la.
ancient and historical. Rich culture and traditions with multiple languages and over a billion live there.
paradise found.
home to Mount Everest, adventure tourism, and smiling people.
rich in Islamic culture, varying climates and terrains from hot deserts to mountains.
Sri Lanka
pearl of the Orient.

Iran is occasionally considered a part of the region, but is predominantly in the Middle East.

Afghanistan is sometimes considered part of the region and but often involves itself in South Asian regional organisations.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) may be considered a part of South Asia for long-standing historical and political ties to India, but is usually categorised as being in ,  From Wiki travel